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  1. I really enjoyed your unique voice in Clay Girl and your Legacy Journal workshop too. thanks for your marvelous gifts..

  2. I just finished reading Clay Girl and felt compelled to write to you. I have worked in education over 46 years… teaching and consulting for the Dept. of Ohio Education. As a teacher of elementary general and special education students, my specialty was working with abused children. Building relationships with kids and giving them a “voice” each could use to express feelings was so important.

    Thank you for writing this “jewel”!! It is a gift that sparkles with understanding.

    • How delightful to receive feedback from an educator. The Clay Girl is about the power of imagination, the need for creativity and the importance of everyday heroes in a child’s life, which for me, is the definition of a teacher.

      I’m sure you’ve met many Appleton families in your career, and a few resilient jewels like Ari.

      I’ve come to writing fiction later in life, as a second career. It’s a wonderful way of processing where I’ve been, the stories gathered and of honouring all the heroes I’ve met along the way.

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the book, more, thank you for teaching!

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