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  1. You are so very talented. I remember the little stories you wrote and illustrated after Elisabeth went to be with the Angels. Your talent shone brightly then. I wish you greater success than you ever dreamed or imagined possible!!!!

    • Thanks, Linda. You are so generous. I’m sorry the summer got away from me without us connecting. Maybe an evening next week? Or, the book launch? You could come back to the house after?

  2. I just finished the Clay Girl! It was remarkable. I cannot get Ari’s story out of my mind! Her resilience and beauty in the face of all she had to deal with. Thank you for such at spectacular work of fiction! Please write more!
    Best, Mary

    • Thank you, Mary. I appreciate so much you taking the time to send encouraging words. It really is an act of kindness when readers connect with writers to tell them their ‘clay girl’ is a good girl. I’m delighted that you enjoyed the story and since you said ‘please write more’ Ari’s journey will continue in the novel, Cracked Pots.

      As in any birth, there is a gestation. If you like, you can meet some of my other imaginary friends while you wait for more Ari Appleton. They are hanging out under the ‘Short Stories’ tab.

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