My journal is plump from this year’s adventures with The Clay Girl-— from book clubs to festivals, libraries to conferences…

“Ari sees all the good that comes from the other people around her, like her teachers, aunts and sisters. This book shows the reader how to be optimistic and how to have empathy for others.” – Aaron

Connecting with readers delights me, always.

A recent invitation to a secondary school, gender studies class inspired me.

That they chose the Clay Girl was, of course, awesome.

That I spent an afternoon with insightful, invested teens, exploring ideas and discussing their thought-provoking questions was spectacular.

And… that the story engaged them in such a way that they were compelled to do something-— raising awareness about family abuse, giving students tools to access help and raising funds for a local shelter-— was and is so inspiring. Thank you!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. ~ Margaret Mead

      I had some Ari-ish fun in my journal capturing the unique, creative spirit of the class.                         The earth is under their feet and the world is in their hands, and that makes me very hopeful!


Photo by Mary Leach

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